Vincentian Fathers and Brothers Discover Fire

We are a Roman Catholic community of priests and brothers founded by St. Vincent de Paul to evangelize the poor and educate clergy.  With the fitting name “Congregation of the Mission,” we are men of purpose and action, working as pastors, parish priests, and pastoral ministers. We preach parish missions and engage in lay formation. Our vocation is Christ-centered, infused with St. Vincent’s practical spirituality: “Let us love God, but with the strength of our arms and the sweat of our brows.”

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Mission in Panama Photo: Famvin

Vincentians are designated by the Church as a “Society of Apostolic Life” meaning we are a community for Mission. Our motto is taken from the words of Jesus: “He has sent me to preach the Good News to the Poor.”  This motto leads us to have a pastoral ministry with underserved, multicultural communities. We work to promote advocacy and systemic change as ways to know and serve the poor, as well as serving the spiritual and temporal needs of the poor wherever we are called. Our commitment is to develop Gospunnamed 1 200x300el-based humility and meekness in ministering as Jesus did. St. Vincent’s call to serve the poor not only means to serve, but to enter into the world of the poor to accompany them, practicing the self-denial and mortification in solidarity with the God of the poor. We aim to live by the Vincentian charism of “seeing Christ in the poor and the poor in Christ.”

We are a part of a world-wide mission present in over fifty countries on five continents.  As Vincentian priests and brothers, we are a group of over 250 priests and brothers that belong to provinces in the East, West, and New England and serve in missions we founded in Panama and Kenya.


Looking for more in life? Help us set the world on fire with hope.