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In my encounter with the Latino communities on Eastern Long Island, I reflected on how people express their faith beliefs and its foundations. When I met the laity at Eastern Long Island, I asked myself:

“How I believe people have a natural inclination to believe and seek convictions to enlarge the meaning of their lives.” Yet, there is much we can do to help our people approach Jesus as one who revealed the true God, offering us a liberating and empowering love. This is a challenge with more questions than answers. Another challenge is this: how can I help our people seek freedom from ideologies that hinder encounter with the liberating Jesus?

Finally, I saw theology applied in active ministry through the example and activities of my fellow Vincentian priests. They are truly committed to bringing the Good News to a people who, in this time of uncertainty, need help trusting the saving presence of God. I am grateful for my ministry experience with the Latino community on Eastern Long Island.

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