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In the beginning, my initial discernment leaned more in the direction of the sacrament of matrimony instead of holy orders. Interestingly enough, during that time of research, I also came upon information about religious life. At first, it

did not catch my attention but it did create in me a curiosity about religious life. I was twenty-three years old at the time, and had never thought at all about religious life. I put it out of my head at that time after concluding that I did not have the criteria or characteristics for such a calling.

It was not until two years later when it reemerged in my mind that I decided to talk with a priest about my curiosity concerning religious life. In addition, that year a fellow from the parish I attended entered the seminary staffed by the Vincentians. He invited me to a vocation meeting at that seminary where I came to know and experience the life of a Vincentian seminarian. A year later, after discerning my vocation, I entered the Vincentians.

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