Vincentian Vocation Director Profiled

Father Luis Romero, CM, Director of Vocations for the Eastern Province Vincentians, was profiled in VISION Vocation Network, a a resource of the National Religious Vocation Conference. Fr. Romero talks about his own vocation journey and his ministry experience. Check out Fr. Romero's profile HERE.

A Prior Commitment

Meet the Fathers Prior. Many families are blessed with two or more vocations, and each who is called by God has a unique journey, as well as similarities experienced with their siblings. Such is the story of the Priors, four brothers who shared a lifetime commitment to priestly service through the Congregation of the Mission. …

A Walk in My Shoes

It is the invisible people who St. Vincent de Paul worked with and whom the Congregation of the Mission continues to serve worldwide. Many Vincentian Priests and Brothers have made it their mission to serve the population of incarcerated men and women to guide, support, and help heal them as they reintegrate into society as …

Community by Invitation

A group of Vincentian men, responding to the needs in an immigrant community that lacked support for its faith, started a revolution of the faithful returning to their Catholic practice. By personally reaching out to this Hispanic population, the priests ignited a community to grow into a thriving spiritual family. Read More