Fr. Derek Swanson, CM

Vocations Director, Western Province

How have you made Jesus know through your words and actions as a Vincentian priest?

Jesus and St. Vincent de Paul have influenced my religious vocation as a Vincentian priest through their examples of dignity and respect

for all no matter who they are. I have always believed and practiced this in the different ministries I have served, from being pastor of two small rural parishes to working in parishes as an assistant, and now as a Vocation director. Jesus’ and St. Vincent’s love and acceptance have always been present in my words and actions.

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What does it mean to me to be a Vincentian priest?

Being a Vincentian priest requires being willing to work with others no matter where they are in their lives or society, to treat others with respect and dignity, and to help them in their faith journey. I have also found that being practical and having a good sense of humor have strengthened my ministries.

What is it about the Vincentian charism or way of life that energizes me?

Meeting all kinds of different people energizes me. Whether destitute or wealthy, I enjoy hearing their stories and seeing how they resemble Christ. This motivates me to continue the work of Christ to evangelize others in knowing that the Word of God is omnipresent.

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